Poems by Adriana Constanza Cuevas Arias

Poems by Adriana Constanza Cuevas Arias


In 2016, Nina Rossi — writer, artist, editor, and reporter — made possible the publication of the first versions of “Chas’ka ñawi,” “My little lesson,” “What if I told you!,” “Just let me,” “Callings” and “Turners time” in The Montague Reporter — a Western Massachussets region and community newspaper. This time, El BeiSMan presents a second edition of the poems with changes by the author.



Chas’ka ñawi


Yes, I am.

I am that star across the sky of a cold Cuzco night!

Yes, I am.

I am that road you crossed years ago when you were not you!

Yes, I am.

I am that single and fragile rose your hands can touch in dreams of the beloved ones!

Yes, I am. 

I am that obscure story with a luminous end once!

Yes, I am.

I am the time you have not lived yet!

Yes, I am.

I am that fire you want to turn on although the distance!

Yes, I am. 

I am that one. Certainly, I am!




My little lesson


That is what I am…A marvel, a gift from God to the world of words.

I decided to love and live the world, so that I love till being love itself!

I decided to love the world and the world loves me with no limits!

Fears are limits and I am all and nothing! Love is light through my eyes on yours, my words for your ears, my hands on your skin, my faith on your relief…, my heart a surprise on every word!



What if I told you!


What if I told you… Once a butterfly showed me the road I followed to the Andean mountains where I found you…

What if I told you… Once at a glance I saw you, I knew my smile would not stop anymore…

What if I told you… The winds which hit you and took you to the beast bowels were the same to touch my corpse almost dead and revived it…

What if I told you… Our hug was endless, because once love could not be and now eternity is giving us a chance again…

What if I told you I guessed your profundities and desired to dive into you, my ocean of relief!




Just let me


Let me in

Let me out

Let me be

Let me live

Let me leave…





Andean mountains called me once to see the stars alone. He — the time — stood by my side with no more than a smile and some mate with a song.

No more it was… No more it is than a soft breeze of April… A rare girl walking and erring, but living…



Turners time


And as if this cold land really loved me, and as if New England awarded my boldness of coming in a determined effort to change my life… An angel in form of person shows me I could still believe!



Adriana Constanza Cuevas Arias. University teacher and researcher in Humanities and Social Sciences in Bogotá, Colombia. Her monograph for the master of arts in Hispano-American Literature is about the dictadorship in Latin-America.