Author: Leticia Cortez

Polifonía sobre El Amor

Después de leer al filósofo Alan Badiou: “How We fall in Love and How We Stay in Love, (Cómo nos enamoramos y cómo nos quedamos enamorados), comprendí que el amor es una construcción entre personas y al final llegamos a comprender lo qué es o fue construido.

Leticia Cortez Guardagujas

A Vigil Sheds Light on the Injustices of ICE

The holidays, when everyone is busy celebrating with family and loved ones, are times we don’t normally associate with protests or other ways to stand up for issues that affect people especially immigrants. But on December 23rd there was a candlelight vigil to share stories, sing and stand in solidarity with detainees and all families affected by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Leticia Cortez CoolTura

The Captivating World of 8½

In the spring of 1962, as Federico Fellini was scheduled to begin shooting a new feature film, he found that he had no ideas for the movie beyond the name of the protagonist. On set, in a state of panic and put in the position of raising a toast to the launching of production, the central conceit of the film came to him: 8 1/2 would be about a director seeking to make a movie as he fights a creative block and emotional confusion.

Leticia Cortez CoolTura

El mundo cautivante de 8½

La película 8 ½ es un viaje emotivo e intelectual en la vida de cada ser humano que la mire. Este viaje nos lleva a comprender que el querer amar y ser feliz no es tan raro como parece. Al contrario, es tan común como pensar profundamente y entender que el existir exige pensar en lo que significa la felicidad no sólo en pareja...

Leticia Cortez CoolTura