Author: Antonio Zavala

The Paleta Chronicles

When the first paleta business opened in Little Village, it was as if the first Mexican astronaut had landed on the moon. There was exuberant joy among all the residents who somehow felt they had recovered something they had given up for lost many years before...

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New book explores Mexican community roots near Hull House

Some things are meant to be even if it takes a long time. Say, for example, 42 years. That is precisely the time that it has taken for history professor Antonio Delgado’s 1978 master’s thesis on the history of Mexicans and Mexican Americans in Chicago to get into print.

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In Praise of Frank Paz, Activist and Unsung Hero

Long before many of us were born, pioneer activist Frank Paz was already fighting discrimination against the Mexican colonia in Chicago, demanding more social services for Mexican immigrants and testifying before a Senate committee that racism against Mexican workers was rampant in the steel plants and railroad yards of Chicago.

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La Iglesia del profeta Facundo

La iglesia del Profeta Facundo de los Últimos Días del Planeta Tierra se fundó en la pequeña aldea de Ikal, departamento del Quiché, Guatemala. Eso fue después de que el profeta Facundo realizara dos milagros a los habitantes maya de esa pequeña aldea en el 2015.

Antonio Zavala Letras trashumantes

Después de su lanzamiento, llueve tormenta de críticas a la novela ‘American Dirt’

La publicación de la novela American Dirt de Jeanine Cummins, en enero de este año, ha desatado una ola de críticas entre los mexicanos y mexicanoamericanos de Estados Unidos que dicen que la novela no es una muestra fiel del fenómeno migratorio.

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